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MICROTEK ArtixScan 3200 XL incl. TMA 1600

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MICROTEK ArtixScan 3200 XL incl. TMA 1600 (1108-03-770602)

MICROTEK ArtixScan 3200 XL incl. TMA 1600

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The ArtixScan 3200 XL, a prepress specialized scanner equips with 3200 dpi optical resolution CCD, tri-wavelength full color LED, A3 size absolute level scan bed, anti-dust design body, and professional image design software, is specifically designed to accomplish high-precision tasks of prepress industry.

Tri-wavelength LED Light Source
The tri-wavelength LED light source, which is presented by the area covered by the white lines in the picture, has wider NTSC range to provide better image performance than that of the blue line presented full range of NTSC and that of the Red line presented dual-wavelength LED.

High-Precision in Rescan
High-precision in rescan tasks for the purpose of combining CMYK. The variation on exact coordinates is less than or equals to 3 pixels at 1200 dpi.

One Touch Scan Button
One-Touch Scan button provides you a quick and easy way to capture images that can be automatically saved as files or sent to another application for further processing later.

Flat Design Scan Bed
Absolute level scan surface leaves no marks on targets.

Dust-Free Design Housing
Anti-dust design housing for object-free scan environment ensures crystal clear image capture.

Support LAN Connection through Intranet
With scanner networking function in ScanWizard Pro, computers on a network can share in the use of a single connected scanner, allowing multiple users to enjoy the use of an otherwise scarce resource.

Superior 3200 x 6400 dpi resolution and 4.0Dmax optical density
The exceptionally high resolution of the ArtixScan 3200XL lets you scan even postage-size images and enlarge them with amazing clarity, with little loss of detail. The scanner's 4.2 maximum optical density allows it to capture a wide range of tones approximating real-life color and hues.

TMA for scanning films and slides
With the use of the TMA, you can scan X-rays, positive transparencies, and negative film. The included templates accommodate a variety of film sizes, including 35mm slides, 35mm filmstrips, 4" x 5" film, and medium format film from 6 x 4.5-cm up to 6 x 22-cm panoramic film.

State-of-the-art PictuRescue system
This combined photo and film reconstruction and restoration solution incorporates DIGITAL ICE Technology and ColoRescue.

With DIGITAL ICE technology, the ArtixScan 3200XL can automatically map, identify, and eliminate surface defects on both photos and film. Built into the hardware and software, DIGITAL ICE removes dust, scratches, rips, and tears, reconstructing your damaged photos and film and restoring them to pristine, near-original quality.

With ColoRescue, the ArtixScan 3200XL restores faded colors in photos and film, bringing hues back to their original luster and brilliance for more vibrant images. ColoRescue's one-click, automatic color recovery process is simple and easy to use.

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