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LONGSHINE Switch Longshine 24x GE GS8424 F-FEEDS

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LONGSHINE Switch Longshine 24x GE GS8424 F-FEEDS (LCS-GS8424)

LONGSHINE Switch Longshine 24x GE GS8424 F-FEEDS

  • Tuote Hallittu
  • Portit 24
  • Nopeus 1Gbps

The device is a powerful, high-performance Gigabit Ethernet switch with 24 10/100/1000 Mbps ports, providing you a cost-effective, space-saving solution for expanding your network. The gigabit ports can lead you to a real gigabit connection, making you be able to transfer high bandwidth-needed files higher and faster in an easy way.

This device provides the easy management function through the Ethernet Web. The network administrator can configure the status and the port function setting of the device through the Web-Based UI. When installing the auto-discovery management tool helps network managers to earch and access those switches on LAN easily. Therefore, network managers can access switches that support auto-discovery on LAN without memorizing IP address.

The device provides rich features including Link Aggregation, VLANs, IGMP Snooping, Port Trunking, Spanning Tree, Security and other network management to meet the requirements evolving medium and small-sized enterprises. QoS secures the bandwidth for some bandwidth-demanded applications including VoIP or video conference. Additionally, IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet ability is supported to promise operation in Low Power Idle Mode and save power consumption.

This switch is plug & play and hassle-free in installation. Auto-MDI/MDI-X crossover on all ports eliminates the need for crossover cables for connection to another switch or hub. Auto-Negotiation on each port senses the link speed of a network device and intelligently adjusts for compatibility and optimal performance. This switch also features diagnostic LEDs, which display the status and activities of the network.

- Flow Controll: 802.3X (Full-Duplex), Back-Pressure (Half-Duplex)
- Spanning Tree: 802.1D (STP),802.1w (RSTP), Auto Edge Port, Self Loop Detection
- Vlan: Static, Port-based, 802.1q Tagged Base
- Voice VLAN: OUI Mode
- Link Aggregation: 802.3ad LACP, Static Trunk, Max 8 Group, Max Ports/Group 8, Traffic Load Balancing
- IGMP Snooping: Multicast Groups 256, IGMPv1/v2, IGMPv3 Basic(BISS), IGMP v2/v3 Querier Immediate Leave
- IEE 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)
- QOS Features:8 queues/port, Rate limit, Queue Scheduling, Class of Service
- Security: Storm Control, Https & SSL 2.0, Account Manager, DoS Prevention, CPU Defense Engine, Port Isolation
- Full IPv6 support

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