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CREATIVE HS-720 Headphone black

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CREATIVE HS-720 Headphone black (51EF0410AA002)

CREATIVE HS-720 Headphone black

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Saatavilla arviolta 12.7.2020

ChatMax HS-720

Plug-and-play USB headset for digital audio clarity
The Creative ChatMax HS-720 headset delivers accurate speech and precise audio to make the experience of online chatting or PC gaming with buddies a more enjoyable one. Featuring true plug-and-play functionality, setting it up is easy and quick as you don’t have to worry about any complex software or driver installation. Coupled with a noise-canceling microphone and adjustable headband with leatherette on-ear cushions, having marathon gaming sessions with the ChatMax HS-720 is surely a delightful and comfortable affair.

  • Digital audio clarity in seconds
    Get detailed and accurate sound instantly with an easy plug-and-play USB connection that delivers clear digital audio for a true-to-life listening experience.
  • Designed for comfort
    Intense gaming requires having to communicate with your team for hours on end, and the lightweight ChatMax HS-720 with a padded on-ear design offers a comfortable solution – even with extended use.
  • Clear conversations without distractions
    The noise-canceling microphone ensures accurate conversations between you and your teammate. And it comes with a flexible boom that easily adjusts to any angle for the right fit.
  • Solid sound
    Solid sonic performance is a given thanks to powerful 30mm Neodymium drivers that dramatically improve sound quality and deliver deep bass.
  • Intuitive in-line controls
    Making adjustments is a breeze with the convenient in-line volume and microphone mute controls that also incorporate a light indicator to show the microphone mode status.
  • Hassle-free simplicity
    Simply plug it in and enjoy instant use on both Windows and Mac operating systems – no software or drivers required.


Driver Units: 30mm Neodymium magnet
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
Impedance: 16ohms
Type: Noise-canceling condenser
Frequency Response: 100Hz-18kHz
Impedance: <2.2kohms
Cord Length: 2m Oxygen-Free Copper cable
Input/Output Plugs: USB Type-A
Net Weight: 138g (without packaging)

System Requirements

  • Available USB port
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or Mac OSX

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