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Etusivu / Verkko / KVM-kytkimet / ATEN 16-Port PS/2-USB KVM
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ATEN 16-Port PS/2-USB KVM (CS1716I-AT-G)
ATEN 16-Port PS/2-USB KVM (CS1716I-AT-G)
ATEN 16-Port PS/2-USB KVM (CS1716I-AT-G)
ATEN 16-Port PS/2-USB KVM (CS1716I-AT-G)
ATEN 16-Port PS/2-USB KVM (CS1716I-AT-G)
ATEN 16-Port PS/2-USB KVM (CS1716I-AT-G)
ATEN 16-Port PS/2-USB KVM (CS1716I-AT-G)
ATEN 16-Port PS/2-USB KVM (CS1716I-AT-G)


  • Tyyppi KVM-kytkin
  • Isännät 16

- Convenient computer selection via front panel pushbuttons, hotkeys and multilingual on-screen display (OSD) menus
- Up to 32 concurrent logins
- Multilanguage web UI support featuring a tree-structured local and remote OSD
- Adjustable video quality for flexible adaptation to diverse network environments
- Auto Scan feature for monitoring user-selected computers
- Broadcast mode; operations simultaneously performed on all selected computers (software installation, system-wide shutdown, etc.).
- Firmware upgradable
- Backup and restore configuration and user account settings
- Event logging
- Enable/disable browser access
- IPv6 capable

Ease-to-Use Interface
- Browser-based and AP GUIs, together with a menu-driven OSD for the local console, provide a powerful, intuitive, user-friendly, multilanguage interface to minimize user training time and increase productivity
- Multiplatform client support (windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Sun)
- Multibrowser support (IE, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Netscape)
- Port names automatically reconfigured when station sequence is changed
- Panel array mode enables user to monitor multiple servers from single screen at the same time - each selected server's video output appears in a separate panel - users can easily select the number of panels to view
- Windows client and Java client software support; Java client works with all operating systems

Advanced Security
- Secure keyboard/mouse/video transmission via RC4 128 bit encryption
- 128 bit SSL browser access
- Two level password security - up to 64 user accounts with separate profiles for each
- External (Remote) authentication support: RADIUS, LDAP, LDAPS, MS Active Directory
- Support for IP/MAC Filter
- Local and remote access logged and authenticated

Virtual Remote Desktop
- Resizable remote desktop window
- Message board allows logged in users to communicate with each other, and allows a user to take exclusive control of the KVM functions
- Mouse DynaSync™
- On-screen keyboard with multilanguage support
- BIOS-level access

- 16-port remote access KVM switch - monitor and control up to 16 computers from a single KVM console
- Daisy chain up to 15 additional units - control up to 256 computers from a single console*
- Auto-sensing of station's position on daisy chained installations; no need for manual dip switch setting; front panel LED indicates station's position
- Hot pluggable - add or remove computers without having to power down the switch
- Multiplatform support - Windows, Linux, Mac, and Sun
- Front panel USB hub allows connected computers to access USB peripherals
- Dual Interface - supports PS/2 or USB keyboard and mouse computer connections with automatic interface detection
- USB / PS/2 keyboard and mouse emulation - computers boot even when the console focus is elsewhere
- Supports USB keyboards for PC, Mac and Sun
- Superior video quality - up to 2048 x 1536; DDC2B for the local console; up to 1600 x 1200 @ 60Hz / 24 bit color depth for remote sessions
- Video DynaSync™ - stores the console monitor's EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) to optimize display resolution
- Rack mountable in a 19" (1U) system rack

Package Content
1x CS1716i KVM Switch
1x 2L-5202P PS/2 KVM Cable
1x 2L-5202U USB KVM Cable
1x LIN5-27X6-U21G Console Cable
1x Firmware Upgrade Cable
1x Mounting Kit
1x Foot Pad Set (4 pcs)
1x 0AD6-1605-24EG Power Adapter
1x Software CD
1x User Instructions

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